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From May to June, and again in October to November, deer are often seen on the open road. A deer-car collision could cause serious damages to the driver, the deer and the car. An average of 1.5 million deer-car collisions per year result in 10,000 people checked in to hospitals and 200 human deat... READ MORE >>

As fall approaches, car drivers should take a few minutes to check that their tires are safe for driving in deteriorating weather conditions. The extra rain and wind that usually comes with the fall can leave road surfaces slippery, and that can lead to serious collisions. Tire safety includes checking the pressure and treads. READ MORE >>

Floods can be devastating forces of Mother Nature, with an average claim of $35,000. As the number one natural disaster in America, floods affect people in all 50 states, including the 20% of all claims that are located outside of high-risk flood areas. But is flood insurance worth it for you? READ MORE >>

The Affordable Care Act is the biggest change to the way America pays for its healthcare in a generation. Inspired by the desire for a fairer system, so-called “Obama Care” includes several changes to healthcare funding that are coming into effect in stages. READ MORE >>

As a homeowner, you want to feel a sense of security with your homeowner insurance. Should a disaster strike, you want to be able to replace your home and your belongings to the greatest degree possible, with minimal financial setback. READ MORE >>

As summer approaches, many college students look forward to returning to their home towns for the long summer vacation. In order to enjoy freedom of movement during the summer, these young people will need to ensure that they have access to a car that is insured for them to drive. READ MORE >>

People who have NFIP or some other flood coverage generally know that claims involving specific flood damage will usually cover the primary structure on the property, but some other side issues involve quite a lot of question marks in many flood claims. READ MORE >>

Every business needs business insurance. It’s a layer of protection crucial to the advancement of each business. Depending on the policy, business insurance covers damage to the business’s property, pays for damages in lawsuits, and foots the bill for damaged records. READ MORE >>

Many homeowners with children find themselves filling up the backyard with lots of fun toys that are intended to make their child's day magical. For example, swimming pools, playhouses and trampolines are common items on many a child’s wish list. READ MORE >>

Commercial auto insurance often provides coverage to any vehicle that you have in your fleet. If you have other drivers who will be driving any vehicle on a regular basis, it is important to call your Millersport insurance company and notify them right away. READ MORE >>

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